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Virtual Fitness Consultation - $50

A Fitness Consultation is a great way to get started with your fitness journey! Skype consultations are for those who are looking for a more personalized ONE-ON-ONE coaching experience. It typically lasts about 30 minutes virtually. During that time, you and your Health and Wellness Consultant will go over everything from your daily meal plan & weekly workout routine to overcoming obstacles and answer any health and wellness questions you may have.

Group Personal Training - $35 per person per session, 

Group Personal Training gives you the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a great value! With a group of 2-5 people you are sure to get the attention of a private training session at a fraction of the price!

Personal Training - $45 half session,  $80 full session

One on one training session with one of Texas' most accomplished personal trainers. (Email for appointment and availability)

Virtual Personal Training - $45 half session, $80 full session

Train anywhere in the world with one of the U.S. Top Fitness Professional virtually.

Stretch and Mobility Session - $50 per session

These sessions focus on improving flexibility, joint mobility, and overall range of motion. By incorporating various stretching techniques and mobility exercises, we aim to help you move better, feel more energized, and prevent injuries.

  • The wonderful benefits of these sessions include:

  • Increased Flexibility: Stretching helps improve flexibility by lengthening muscles and increasing their elasticity, allowing for better movement and reduced stiffness.

  • Enhanced Mobility: Mobility exercises target specific joints and muscle groups, improving their function and range of motion, which is crucial for daily activities and sports performance.

  • Injury Prevention: By improving flexibility and mobility, you can reduce the risk of injuries such as strains, sprains, and muscle imbalances.

  • Stress Relief: Stretching and mobility exercises can help release tension and promote relaxation, leading to reduced stress levels and improved mental well-being.

Corporate Fitness Programs - $100 per class 

Personalized fitness programs run by Master Personal Trainer that includes onsite fitness classes, nutritional guidance, weigh-ins and measurements and going support for your employees. 

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